Key West Vacation - There's So Much to Sea

Key West. So much to sea.

Where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico sits the last of the chain of islands that is the southernmost tip of the United States. It is a two-by-three-mile island that has many names and offers many diverse pleasures to all who visit from around the world. It is called Margaritaville,The Conch Republic and Cayo Hueso, but officially, it is the Island of Key West.

Because of its geographical location, Key West has always owed its lure and livelihood to the surrounding sea. For decades it was a shipbuilding and fishing mecca, and still today, the preservation of that past and the pleasures of sport fishing are an occupation of many who live here as well as a preoccupation of many who visit.

The island's seafaring tradition lives on at the renovated Historic Seaport district, known locally as the Key West Bight. While dozens of shrimp boats once called this harbor home, today  "the Bight" is a popular place to arrange a day on the water, whether you are a diver, snorkeler, fisherman or eco-tourist.  Those who indulge in more sedentary pleasures simply stroll along the harbor walk or dine at one of the many restaurants.

For those who want to get out on the open sea, Key West offers every opportunity to experience the seafaring adventure of a lifetime. Charters and guide boats are available all over the island.

For a more predictable experience at sea, there’s the Glass Bottom Boat Discovery. It takes cruises off the coast of Key West to the world's third-largest coral reef and provides a close up look at an abundance of tropical marine life in its natural habitat.

The Key West Aquarium, adjacent to Mallory Square, is an even more accessible window into the underwater world of Key West. It offers guided tours and a close-up look at everything from spiney lobsters, to stingrays to indigenous sharks. Don’t miss feeding time!

However you decide to experience the wonders of the sea, there’s a Key West hotel for just about every budget. To find a hotel in Key West right for you, visit or any hotel search engine. And whichever hotel in Key West you wind up in, you won’t be far from where land ends and the surrounding Atlantic and Gulf begin.

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