Fantasy Fest 2010 Update!

Have you started designing your costume for this year's Fantasy Fest. This year's extravaganza is centered around the theme "Habitat for Insanity" The animalistic theme will influence the motiff for this year's 27th annual Pretender's In Paradise costume contest. A recent announcement was posted on announcing the theme as well as the details regarding this year's cash prizes.

Check out the latest Fantasy Fest announcement...

The insane costuming continues as Fantasy Fest announces the theme for Pretenders in Paradise 2010 as “Predators and Prey Come out to Play.” We are looking for those crazy and hungry predators and the sweet and delicious prey to join the collection of talented costumers decorated in their most outrageous gear.

Pretenders is in its 27th year and is sure to entice us all with an atmosphere of outstanding and unbelievable creations! Hosted at the Pier House Resort & Caribbean Spa, contestants will compete at amateur and professional levels for $10,000 in cash prizes amidst a full house of spectators. Come join the fun with Pretenders in Paradise, “Predators and Prey Come Out to Play.” This year Pretenders in Paradise will be Thursday, October 28 at 9 pm. Registration for the competition is no later than Tuesday, October 26, at noon.

For more information and contestant registration, please email or call 305-296-1817.

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